Welcome to the New Playspedia Blog

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We’re happy to announce the release of our new Playspedia Blog – a companion site for Playspedia.com.

When we first launched Playspedia, we aimed to get up and running as quick as possible to start sharing and building a community for people to create and share their plays online. We’ve been listening and learning a lot from the feedback we’re receiving and have started work on some revisions (Want a peek at what’s on the list? Check out the Spring 2012 Feature Review). One place where we’re ready for change is right here with the release of our new blog.

While we have a handful of goals with re-launching the blog, a few key ones are to:

  • showcase more of the community-shared plays
  • provide an easier way for you to post comments and questions through the blog
  • provide an easier way for us to ask you for your feedback

We have more in the works and hope you enjoy it! As always, feel free to send us any feedback. You can post a comment right here on the blog, visit us on the Playspedia Facebook page, or send us a note at info@playspedia.com.

  • Roywebcafe

    just wondered. Is there a playspedia for touch rugby?

    • We’ve had a few requests for other sports, this is the first for touch rugby! Expanding into other sports is definitely on the roadmap, and I’ll add touch rugby to the list. When it comes time to branching out into other sports, we’ll be looking for some input from players and coaches of those sports. If you’re interested in being kept in the loop, let us know!

  • Che Tulane

    Is there a guide for ‘how to make a play’? I’m trying specifically to add arrows with no luck.