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The Playspedia Team

Andre Liem, Co-Founder

Andre Liem

Andre started Playspedia after running the Ultimatehandbook.com website for years and realizing there was not an easy way for athletes to share plays with each other. So, it was in early 2011 that development began on Playspedia. As co-founder, Andre is primarily involved in the technical & product development and roadmapping of Playspedia. www.andreliem.ca | @andreliem

Adrian Liem, Co-Founder

Adrian LiemAdrian helped start Playspedia after being involved as an editor and developer for the Ultimatehandbook.com. Adrian is involved in community management, user experience & product development and roadmapping of Playspedia. www.adrianliem.ca | @adrianliem

Maxime Parmentier, Development

Maxime ParmentierMaxime developed the core engine behind Playspedia’s animation play creator. Born and raised in France, Maxime is currently living in Vancouver and working as a web developer. www.maximeparmentier.com | @maxparm

Eduardo de La Rocque, Design

Eduardo de La RocqueEduardo helped design Playspedia early on by creating the main design behind the playing field and the interactive components. Eduardo likes to create simple, elegant, highly intuitive interfaces for products, websites and mobile devices. Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Eduardo currently lives in Vancouver, BC and works as a designer. www.delarocque.com.br | @Rocque